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Grand Guitars Article - Surf Jazz  (see attachment)

Michael Loesl, Grand Guitars

From music that seems to be oldfashioned he made a sexily, timeless winning piece, thanks to him given nonchalance and chutzpah.

Michael Loesl, Grand Guitars

French guitarist Philippe Caillat-Grenier is a legend of the early 1980s jazz-rock and fusion scene and he´s back big time

with his late 2012 " SURF-JAZZ" CD entitled "Twist for horse riding heroes". ... Caillat has guitar chops aplenty and

he puts his vast fretboard technique to good use here. Backed up by a tight rhythm section and second guitarist Johanna Weckesser,

there´s plenty of hot jazz grooves and surf-rock instrumental fans will listen in amazement. for the 21st century...

MWE3 CD reviews (Florida and New York)


Just the right thing for friends of virtuoso and demanding instrumental sounds in a classic and modern style.


Last but not least, the soulful guitar solos of Philippe make " twist for horse riding heroes " an album for all those who appreciate

music beyond the mainstream. A pure listening enjoyment.

K.-D. Richter

A personal approach to guitar music. Caillat is an excellent musician with unique style. 



Faszinating original images created by music.

Thomas Hagen, Neue Westfälische


Philippe Caillat. His aim: melodic and resolute modern jazz, without cheating and superfluous fiddling around.

Guitares et Claviers


Caillat is a real guitar hero.

Guitare Magazine


Philippe Caillat gives his audience a personal impression of an inimitable style.

Andreas Kohrs, Jazzpodium


Music bubbling of inventiveness and intensity.

Berliner Zeitung


...Without doubt, the creations of the French are pieces of art...



... Caillat and Mariano wonderfully fit, both are travellers between cultures and styles...

both are excellent soloists which put their improvisations, however, in the service of the whole and are not of use for the selfrepresentation ...

Willhelm Froese, WZ


A music with the atmosphere which distinguishes itself by spontaneity and humor.

Claude Oberg, Jazz Magazine


Imagination lives in this varied mixture of jazz and rock. A CD of an encouraging guitarist.

P. de Chocqueuse, Jazz Hot


A sensitive play and well composed pieces, which are represented as duet, trio or quartet using electronics masterly.

Dominique stiegler, Revolution


Philippe Caillat´s music is based on excitement. The word lyrical should be the best description of the variety during his soli.

He uses computer supportet sound for his play, but he does this controlled. Obviously  he  adores the french Jazz tradition.

Helsinki Sanomat

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