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 ... born in Paris he derived his special European brand of Fusion from his influences of late 50´s, 60´s Rock and Blues a Jazz, influences of the polyethnic surrounding of his youth and his solid classic-academical education.


He did not only show this with his own albums in the last two decades,- one of them won

"Jazz record of the year" in Scandinavia, but also in numerous concerts and festival

appearences as sideman and leader.

He remains at the pulse of time not only for his students at the music academy.That is clearly shown in his works. Even in his early albums he used the possibilities of computer supported sound design for guitar.

Whether he is playing heavily distorted or clean, acoustic or midi he puts his special and intense guitaristic finger print on his very unique and european compositions.

That makes his music easily recognizeable.

He is supported on his albums by a lot of other well known musicians like:

Charlie Mariano, Jasper van´t Hof, Doudou Gouirand,  Joel Allouche, Denis Fournier,

Hannes Vesper, Fritz Krisse, Rémy Chaudagne, André J. Spang, Nicolas Fiszman, Stefan Riemer, Jacques Bouniard, Zoia Bonev, Pierre Diaz, Alex Vesper ...


and many others...


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